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Metal Management & Industrial Recycling


HRL Metals Management

Scrap metals recovery and recycling, or metals management as we term it, has been around since the industrial revolution. In the past, companies have not been too bothered about how and what happens to their waste metal disposal.

Now with legislation and corporate responsibility the disposal, and more importantly recycling of waste, particularly metals, has become a major management responsibility.

At Humberside Reclamation Ltd (HRL) we collect and accept direct delivery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling.

Ferrous Metals


HRL handle significant tonnages of ferrous metals such as light steel cuttings, steel punchings, profile plate etc, which are processed to our customers' requirements and sent to iron foundries and steel works. We can survey your production scrap metal and arrange collections by our fleet of vehicles. For smaller users deliveries can be made directly to our depots.

Non-Ferrous Metals


Our experience and knowledge allows us to buy all grades of non-ferrous metals such as brass, copper, lead and aluminium and other alloys such as stainless steels, then process and grade them to our customers' requirements for processing at foundries both in the UK and overseas.

Scrap Metal Pipes

HRL take the following non-ferrous metals and items for recycling:

  • Copper - Dry bright wire, greasy bright wire, electro copper, new copper tube, 98% copper scrap, tinned copper, copper cylinders, no2 copper wire, braziery copper, pyro copper cable.
  • Bronze and Gun Metal - Phosphor bronze crownwheels, phosphor bronze solids and borings, gunmetal solids and borings, aluminium bronze and turnings, brass & copper radiators.
  • Brass - New brass cuttings, brass rod scrap, brass rod swarf, brass turnings, mixed brass scrap.
  • Lead- Scrap lead, solder joints, various solder, lead acid batteries.
  • Electric Motors – from industrial, commercial and domestic machinery and appliances including fridge motors
  • Nickel Alloys - Nickel solids, Inconel, monel, etc, 304 stainless solids and turnings, 316 solids and turnings, 310 solids and turnings, chrome iron.
  • Aluminium - Clean and painted extrusions, quadrant, lithographic sheets, new aluminium cuttings, alloy wheels, castings, old rolled, turnings, aluminium foil, thermal break section, aluminium & copper radiators, mixed aluminium, irony aluminium.