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HRL Cable Recycling

Humberside Reclamation Ltd (HRL) has a self contained cable stripping facility onsite with the latest processing machinery.

This facility enables us to offer excellent prices for Copper or Aluminium cables. Each year scrap cable contributes significantly to landfill sites and creates long-term environmental issues due to the fact that plastic coatings are not biodegradable.


With increasing pressure on companies to recycle waste such as cables and the spiralling cost of disposing of this form of waste. HRL has invested in the latest cable processing technology to provide you with an efficient and cost-effective service. Mixed cables are graded and sorted into copper percentage grades.

These are some of the cables HRL buy and process :

  • Household Cable
  • ACSR Aluminium Cable
  • CNE Cable (Copper & Aluminium)
  • Lead & Copper Cable
  • PVC Bright Cable
  • Bus Looms
  • Tinned Cable
  • Bright Cable
  • SWA Bright Cable
  • SWA Tinned Cable
  • Low Grade Cable
  • High Grade Cable
  • Switch Bell Cable
  • Greasy Cable
  • Greasy SWA Cable
  • Dry Poly Cable
  • Greasy Poly Cable
  • Greasy Self Support Cable
  • PVC Singles
  • Lead Cable
  • Lead & Aluminium