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Do you have an aluminium can recycling problem?

Are you a business looking for a professional recycler for your aluminium can waste?

Do you have large quantities of aluminium cans that you want to get top prices for?

Do you need regular collection of aluminium cans?

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Humberside Reclamation Limited Lockwood Street, Hull HU2 0HJ

For general enquires please call (01482) 212176 or email

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Monday - Thursday: 8am - 4:20pm

Friday: 8am - 3:15pm

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Humberside Reclamation Ltd (HRL) is a family run scrap metal merchant and recycling business based in Central Hull

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First established over 40 years ago, we deal with metal, plastic and paper based waste and also have an on site warehousing facility.

HRL provide a service to individuals, businesses and corporate customers. Waste materials can be delivered direct to our facility in Hull. We also offer skips for companies and customers to collect waste in. We will then sort and recycle, or dispose of the non-recyclable metals. Our warehouse storage is available to all for short and long term use, pallet or racking space.

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Metals Management

HRL recycle and process ferrous and non-ferrous scrap and waste metals. We also recycle aluminium cans. You can either deliver directly to us or we will collect.

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Scrap metals recovery and recycling, or metals management as we term it, has been around since the industrial revolution. In the past, companies have not been too bothered about how and what happens to their waste metal disposal. Now with legislation and corporate responsibility the disposal, and more importantly recycling of waste, particularly metals, has become a major management responsibility.

At Humberside Reclamation Ltd (HRL) we provide solutions for those who have scrap metal disposal needs. We can collect ferrous and non-ferrous metals for recycling and we also accept direct delivery to our plant in the centre of Hull.

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Aluminium Can Recycling

Humberside Reclamation Ltd (HRL) have a full processing facility for aluminium cans where we collect, grade and bail the cans. We will collect large quantities or for smaller quantities individuals and organisations can drop cans off for immediate payment.

The recycling of aluminium produces only 5% of the CO2 emissions compared to smelting new aluminium. By recycling aluminum cans we not only protect the environment we also significantly reduce the waste being created and the need to find landfill to bury them in. HRL are a recognised aluminium can recycling depot and recycle them by the thousands!

For Trade and Business Aluminium Can Recycling

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HRL take the following more specialised non ferrous metals for recycling:

  • Copper - electro copper, new copper tube, copper scrap, tinned copper, copper cylinders, copper wire, braziery copper, copper cable.
  • Bronze and Gunmetal - Phosphor bronze crownwheels, phosphor bronze solids and borings, gunmetal solids and borings, bronze turnings.
  • Brass - brass cuttings, brass rod scrap, brass rod swarf, brass turnings, mixed brass scrap.
  • Lead- scrap lead, solder joints, various solder.
  • Nickel Alloys - Nickel solids, chrome iron.
  • Aluminium – aluminium extrusions, new aluminium cuttings, alloy wheels, castings, old rolled, turnings, aluminium foil.

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Scrap Metal

Based in the city of Hull, HRL pay competitive prices for surplus and scrap metals such as:

  • Scrap ferrous metals including light iron, heavy iron, cast iron and steel scrap
  • Non ferrous metals including alloys, alloy wheels, aluminium, brass, bronze, copper, lead and cans
  • Production metal waste such as cuttings, filings, turnings and swarf
  • Demolition scrap metals
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Paper & Plastic Waste

We offer waste recycling for paper, cardboard and plastics. We will collect your paper waste or you can deliver it to us for recycling.

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We offer a wide range of paper and plastic recycling and collection, ranging from one off collection of paper, cardboard and plastics to a more tailored service to suit your waste management needs. Whether you produce a few hundred kilos of paper and plastic waste a week or a few tons, we can organise a regular collection and disposal plan that suits you. We realise how important regular collections are to you and your business and we ensure our service meets your needs.

We supply bins and skips to allow you to store your recycled materials safely at your premises and, provided that there is sufficient quantity, we may also be able to offer payment for your recyclable paper and cardboard. We can provide you with the necessary documentation to demonstrate your plastic and paper waste has been recycled or disposed of according to current regulations. The services we offer divert as much waste from the landfill as possible, maximising the recycling potential of your waste and ensuring you stay legally compliant.

We also offer a ‘drop in’ service, for those customers who want it, where you bring your paper and plastics waste for us to dispose of. Whatever your needs we are confident that we can deliver a solution that fits what you need when it comes to paper and plastics waste management.

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As well as recycling we also have large capacity, secure general warehousing facilities available for short and long term storage of general finished goods and materials.

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Our fully secure on-site warehouse is used for the general storage of goods, materials and packaged items on pallets or in our own racking. This general warehousing is used by our customers for long and short term storage, ideal for buffer stock and intermediate storage before further distribution. With 38,000 square feet of storage space we can deal with large or smaller storage and warehousing needs. Our facilities can be accessed when required by the customer or their representatives.

  • 38,000 square feet of warehousing space
  • Palletised storage or racking space available
  • Finished and packaged goods or materials
  • On site handling equipment available for customers use
  • Competitive rates for short term and longer term storage
  • Fully secure with security surveillance, fire alarms and CCTV
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Policies, Licences and Certification

We have all the necessary up to date and relevant licences and certificates for metals, paper and plastics waste management and disposal.

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Licences and Certification

HRL are a fully registered, certificated and compliant business, all our services comply with current environmental legislation and we operate within the scope of the licenses we hold.

The following are the major licenses we operate under:

Environmental Permitting Regulations – Waste Operations

Waste operations require an environmental permit if the business uses, recycles, treats, stores or disposes of waste or mining waste.

Register of Scrap Metal Dealers

People or Businesses who trade in scrap metal and are licensed by their Local Authority.

Register of waste carriers, brokers and dealers

People or businesses who transport, buy, sell or dispose of waste, or arrange for someone else to do so, must be registered.

Register of Waste Exemptions

A waste exemption is a waste operation that is exempt from needing an environmental permit. Each exemption has specific limits and conditions that the holder must operate within.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

At Humberside Reclamation Ltd (HRL) we realise the importance of operating a sustainable and ethical service for our clients. We are committed to our corporate social responsibility, to our workforce, local communities and the environment. HRL work with local communities on recycling projects. We are continually investing in our facilities, machinery and vehicles to ensure our equipment is up to date and efficient. We operate to the highest environmental standards and meet all the necessary legislative standards.

General Privacy and Cookie Policies

Humberside Reclamation Limited is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information. Read our privacy notice which describes how we collect and use personal information, via the website, about you during and after your relationship with us, in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).